The Art of the Brick Boston

Went to see an amazing display by Lego artist Nathan Sawaya today.  The exhibit is called The Art of the Brick.  For a list of current and future shows by the artist click here.  They recommend you purchase tickets in advance and entry is done by a timed entry system so that it is never too crowded in the exhibit.  We had the opening time slot and it was really nice because it wasn’t very crowded and we were able to see some of the rooms without anyone else in them.  There was one small boy who was quite upset that he couldn’t play with the legos, so something to consider if you are going to bring little ones.  There is no touching allowed, and it might be hard for younger kids to understand why they can’t touch the legos.

In the first part of the exhibit are replicas of famous works of art done with Legos.  It was fun to see such works as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.  There is also a sculpture garden with famous sculptures such as the David and Degas’s Little Dancer replicated.

The artist has also done many original works out of Legos.  One neat display was called Tree Huggers.  This display was made from Legos that visitors to previous exhibits had signed.  At the end of the Boston exhibit there is a display being made into Fenway’s Green Monster out of bricks signed by visitors.  The artist will use these brick to make art for a future exhibit.

One of my favorite sections had painting on the wall.  In the paintings are objects made out of Legos.  Those same objects are on display in the room in front of the paintings.  For example, there is a painting with a girl walking a dog made from Legos.  That dog is on display in front of the paining.  If you check out the pictures on Flickr you can see better what I am talking about here.

There is a small gift shop at the end of the show and we found a couple of great Lego idea books to bring home.

I took lots of pictures.  You can see them on Flickr by clicking the photo below:

The Art of the Brick


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