ICA Boston – October 2014

Took advantage of some terrible weather in Boston today to go inside and check out The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston.  The museum sits in a great location right on the harbor.  It is easy to get to by public transportation.  You take the Red line to South Station and then either of the Silver Line buses to Courthouse station.  When you leave Courthouse station there are signs directing you to the ICA.  You could also walk from South Station, but with the weather today we opted for the shortest walk possible.

The permanent collection of the museum was closed today for some renovation, but there were two temporary exhibits still on display.  Because of the closure of part of the museum they gave us free passes to come back and see the rest of the museum another time.

The first temporary exhibit was Fiber:  Sculpture 1960 – present.    This exhibit opened the first of October and will remain at the museum until January 4th.  Photographs were allowed in the exhibit, but many of the neatest sculptures were not allowed to be photographed.  It was really hard not to touch a bunch of the sculptures, but luckily they did have one you could actually touch.  They also had a small display of various fibers that are commonly used that you could touch.

The second exhibit we didn’t know about before we went.  It is called The Visitors by Ragnar Kjartansson.  We were lucky to see it as it is only going to be at the museum until November 2nd.  There are 9 large HD screens throughout a darkened room.  It shows Kjartansson and several of his friends in different rooms of a large estate performing a poem Ferminie Ways set to music.  It was really wonderful.  The entire performance lasts 64 minutes and it would be easy to stay for the entire thing.  We came in part way through and stayed through the end and then for a little bit more to see the beginning.

The museum has a great bookshop with lots of unique items.  We also decided to eat in the Museum’s cafe for lunch.  It was a little bit expensive, but the food was really good.  There are lots of restaurants near the museum, but with the nasty weather we decided to just eat where we were and not venture outside anymore than necessary.

There are lots of pictures you can see on Flickr by clicking on the photo below:

ICA Boston



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