Frankenstein Hike

We went hiking today in the small town of Frankenstein.  It’s about 20 minutes from Kaiserslautern down B37.  The hike we followed was actually a combination of several trails put together to make a loop.  The hike along with the GPX file can be found here:  Frankenstein Hike.

The trail starts from behind the train station and heads first up to the castle ruins that sit above the town.  It then heads into the woods climbing a bit higher.  After a bit of climbing you descend into a valley and follow a stream.  There was a short detour up a very steep hill to see a Celtic long rock that is said to be between 3000-5000 years old.  Not sure I would make the detour again since it really looked like any other rock.  The trail finishes on the other side of the town and at the end you take the bike path into town and then walk through town to get back to the car parking at the train station.  We had lunch after the hike at a restaurant called Landgasthof Schlossberg.  The food was ok.  The salad was great, but the schnitzel was just average.   It was nice to sit and talk and have some food though after the 9.7 miles we hiked.  I would go back to the restaurant again, but would probably just order a big salad next time.


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