Autobau – Romanshorn, Switzerland

Calling all car lovers…

All of our trips have to include something to make it worth the 8 year old’s time, right?

When traveling with kids a little bribery, by way of a trip to a car museum, goes a long way. Especially when the next thing you ask them to do is go to an art museum, or maybe to help them forget that 12km mountain hike with massive changes in elevation that you had them do the day before.

Whatever the reason, the Autobau in Romanshorn was a BIG hit with the Sam on this trip.  Autobau is only open to the public on Sundays from 10am – 5pm.  There is the possibility for private events and even ride alongs in race cars on certain days.  The link above tells all about it.  They only take CHF and no credit cards.  There were several gentlemen on hand to talk about the cars and racing.  They spoke english very well and were incredibly knowledgeable.  They even let Sam sit in one of the cars, which he really enjoyed.

There are a lot of cars in here!

Sam says this place is a go!


It’s Finn McMissile! Well it’s an Aston Martin even if it can’t talk.


Checking out the interior

Sam takes it for a spin

As Sam like to say in his best Luigi voice “Look Guido, a real Farrari!”

cool doors

A very old Jaguar

Indy pace car

Ford GT – picture especially for my brother Ben and nephew Alex

Corvette – for my brother-in-law John

The race car room

For the girls – apparently a female Swiss driver won rookie of the year in this car.

Sam’s very favorite car in the whole place.


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