Freinsheim Weinwanderweg

Went for a 7km hike today through some vineyards along the Deutsche Weinstraße.  This was, however, no ordinary hike.  We started in the lovely town of Freinsheim and joined a multitude of people on the Kulinarischer Weinwanderweg.  There were 21 rest areas along the way selling a variety of wine, beverages and food.

The town has a very well preserved city wall that once protected the city.

Freinsheim city wall

Freinsheim city wall from the inside.

There are also some great shops and buildings within the wall.

Altstadt Freinsheim

And a cool tunnel


The shops were open today even though it was Sunday for the wanderweg, so that was a bonus.

Once you leave the village it’s off into the vineyards, where of course it is important to get some Traubensaftschorle (carbonated grape juice).


in the vineyard

Sam made up a new song to the tune of “Deep Sea Baby” that is called “Brat Brat Baby.”  So of course we had to stop and get him his new favorite food… a bratwurst mit brotchen.

Brat, brat baby!

Amazingly, while we stopped to eat we had a nice conversation with a neat older German couple who spoke no English.  Well, I had a nice conversation with them… Mike and Sam ate their enormous bratwursts.  They were camping in the area and rode their bikes to the hike.  They were kind enough to take a picture of the three of us.

Taking a break for food and conversation.

More hiking with a few stops to taste the grapes off the vines.

Signs to point the way are always good, although with all the other people and the food tents along the way we probably didn’t actually need the signs.

It wouldn’t be a wanderweg in Germany without a few stone monuments in the middle of nowhere.

This is a wayside shrine called Schwarzes Kreuz.

Head sculpture in the Freinsheim Oschelskopf vineyard.

Had to at least try a glass of wine on the wine hike!

I think next year I will definitely come hungrier.  There were so many stands selling so much amazing looking and smelling food!  I really wish I could have tried a lot more of it.  Definitely an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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